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Typical Weedsport Pest Control Problems

Since Weedsport is a relatively rural area, residents living there are prone to experiencing high levels of stink bugs, bees, and wasps — especially those who live closer to the Owasco River. The highest levels  of these pests can be found in more natural places and near water sources, such as around the Cold Spring Brook and Putnam Brook. However, stink bugs, bees, and wasps can easily make their way to residential properties.

Although fairly harmless, stink bugs cause homeowners a great deal of stress. These shield-shaped bugs reproduce rapidly, making it easy for infestations to occur. When outside a home, stink bugs eat away at gardens and plants. Inside, they’re likely  to cause stained carpets and clothes since they leave a yellow stain and foul odor when squished. All in all, stink bugs are a handful. However, bees and wasps are no better. Both can nest anywhere on the property, including overhangs, roofs, sidings, trees, and more. When cornered, they can be aggressive. Wasps are notoriously more aggressive than bees and may attack for what appears to be no reason at all. For these reasons, it’s best to contact the professionals immediately if you have a problem. Call Fox Pest Control if you suspect a stink bug, bee, or wasp infestation.

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Our Connection to Weedsport

Fox technician Shawn remembers traveling from his home to Weedsport with his father in the early 2000s to collect parts for a car he bought. Shawn came away with what he called a Franken-car, because each part was previously used and from separate vehicles. After he grabbed all of the parts he needed and attached everything to his car, his Hyundai  had different colored doors, hood, and fenders, making it look almost art-like. Shawn’s still proud of the car he put together using parts from Weedsport. 

Fox Pest Control is also proud to be part of the Weedsport community. We are members of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce, doing what we can to help add value to the community in ways other than controlling pests.

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