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Typical Cicero Pest Control Problems

Cicero lies north of Syracuse in Central New York. It borders the Oneida Lake and is also  home to the Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management area. Places like these can easily bring pest activity to residents. Rodents and stink bugs are especially common in Cicero. Rodents thrive in areas near water. They draw their lifesource from the water and then head to homes for shelter when the weather gets cooler. Unfortunately, it can be fairly easy for mice and rats to enter residential properties. A hole the size of a dime is small enough for a small mouse to squeeze through, and a rat can squeeze through one the size of a quarter. Once inside, they wreak all sorts of havoc by damaging insulation, chewing up food and clothes, and spreading feces. In many cases, the best thing to do if you have rodents in your home is to contact a specialist. 

Stink bugs can also crowd Cicero neighborhoods.  These shield-shaped insects do the most damage to gardens and plants while leaving the interior of the home mostly unscathed. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem if they get inside. If stink bugs are squashed, they produce a foul odor and can stain carpets. If an infestation is occurring, this is bound to happen. To prevent issues with stink bugs, call Fox Pest Control today.

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Our Connection to Cicero

Josh Spina is our most seasoned technician in the Syracuse area. Although he only officially moved to the area in 2019, Josh has a special place in his heart for Cicero. He met his girlfriend there back in 2018, and life has only gotten better for him since their meeting. Josh and his girlfriend live together near Cicero now.  

As a company, Fox Pest Control takes pride in sponsoring local places and organizations. We currently sponsor Northern Pines of Cicero, a gorgeous event center complete with a golf course. Northern Pines hosts weddings parties, and gatherings of all kinds. We’re proud to support them in their business efforts.

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