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Typical Chittenango Pest Control Problems

Stink bugs, spiders, wasps, ants, and rodent activity, such as mice and rats, can be found around Chittenango, NY. An increase in pest activity can be seen around heavily wooded areas and locations with water. Areas like this around Chittenango include Pools Brook, the Chittenango Creek, some areas in parks, and wherever woods and forests can be found. Unfortunately, pests easily make their way from these more secluded areas to residential communities. Once this occurs, infestations pop up rapidly. While it may be easy to handle pests on your own at first, infestations are hard to control. Stink bugs quickly crowd into corners, mice and rats chew through insulation, ants and spiders creep up when you least expect them, and wasps engage in an aggressive battle to protect their nests. If you notice signs of pests in your home, call Fox Pest Control immediately for professional help. 

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Our Connection to Chittenango

Travis, one of our Fox technicians, enjoys spending his time in the Chittenango area. He loves taking his family out around town, especially to restaurants. Travis especially likes going to the local “La Cocina.” When he goes there, he and his family all have a great time and devour plenty of delicious Mexican food. La Cocina serves classic Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, chile rellenos, for a great price! Travis and his family recommend a night at La Cocina.

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