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Typical Baldwinsville Pest Control Problems

Baldwinsville, NY lies on rolling hills and is filled with rivers, ponds, creeks, and forests. The Seneca River crawls through the village, adding to its quaint feel. However, nature, coupled with Baldwinsville’s hot and  humid summers and frigid winters, is an ideal environment for pests.   iRodents, bees, and wasps are just a few of the troublesome pests that plague residents. .

Rodents, namely mice and rats, love Baldwinsville. The water from the Seneca River and various ponds provides them with a nice, refreshing life source. When temperatures drop, they tend to migrate to homes for warmth. Once inside, rodents will claw at insulation, tunnel through personal items, and scavenge for food. They will also leave fecal matter throughout the home. In the case of a rodent infestation, it’s important to contact the professionals as soon as possible. 

Unlike mice and rats, bees and wasps are mainly a summertime issue. Bees, like mason bees or ground bees, can quickly clutter your property. They’re the last thing someone wants flying around during a barbecue. Although unpleasant, bees are not nearly as aggressive as wasps. Wasps such as yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets will attack quickly out of fear for their nests. And unlike most bees, wasps can sting multiple times. The only way to truly get rid of bees and wasps is to remove their nests and place product if the situation calls for it. If you suspect a bee or wasp infestation, call Fox Pest Control immediately for professional treatment.

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Baldwinsville Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

First visit with Fox Pest Control. Started having minor issues with stink bugs last year and am eager to prevent that from becoming a regular thing. Jarod was knowledgable, professional and thorough. Even found a thankfully abandoned yellow jacket nest, which explains why they were a problem last year. Looking forward to seeing how the year progresses.

– Susan Romeo

Posted August 12, 2020

5 Stars

Customer service was excellent initial sales person was pleasant and professional, nice to talk to. Service tech was the same.

– Kiersten Curtis

Posted July 19, 2020

5 Stars

Josh from Fox Pest Control was here.. Very professional and asked how things have been with the service.Did a great job and was on his way

– Jeffrey Difulio

Posted July 16, 2020

Our Connection to Baldwinsville

Our Syracuse technicians love to celebrate their successes by going to Gino and Joe’s for pizza and wings. The delicious restaurant has the perfect food for game days and celebrations. Many members of our Fox team have also gone to the community park along the Seneca River for a picnic or nice walk.  Overall, Baldwinsville is a place our technicians can relax and enjoy time with loved ones.

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